Review of April Shower Classic – 3 Spray Filtered Water Softening Shower Head


In this article, I will introduce my readers with one of the most popular water softening shower heads known as “April Shower Classic – 3 Spray Filtered Showerhead” which comes with an adjustable three – spray chromed shower head and one-year replaceable cartridge. However, let’s take a look at its features to know more in details.

Features of Water Softening Shower Head & Fittings

Removes Chlorine & Vapors: 

At present, it’s really quite difficult to choose the right water softening shower head or shower head fittings because you will find lots of them available on the market. So to be honest, it’s really very tough to choose the perfect one. However, if you are planning to buy a water softening shower head or shower head fittings, then I will definitely suggest you to follow the reviews at first. But it would be really better if you find someone who has plenty of knowledge about this product. So that he / she will be able to provide you a smart solution. Anyway, let’s come back to the main point. One of the most popular and vital features about this shower head filter is, it has the ability to remove chlorine and vapors. Whenever it’s time to purchase a water softening shower head, you need to search for such type of item which consists of this prime feature. Every quality shower head should need to have the ability to remove chlorine and vapors. Otherwise, there is no meaning of purchasing that kind of shower head.  Well, besides removing chlorine and vapors from the water, it at the same time reduces rust water, odors, sulfur smell, hydrogen sulfide and traces of heavy metals. For your kind information, rust water is commonly known as iron oxide. So besides removing both chlorine and vapors from the water, it helps to reduce hydrogen sulfide and iron oxide. These twos are also the harmful chemicals that are really not good for our health. This water filter shower head also reduces scale build – up on tiles and glass.

Easy to Install:

This water softening shower head is quite easy to install. It just takes a few seconds to complete the installation process. In order to know the installation process, the thing you need to do is to follow the manual quite properly. The manual will surely help you to complete the installation process successfully. But if you still face lots of troubles, then you can contact the sales manager regarding this matter and they will send someone to solve your problem.


Additional Features:

1. If you buy this water softening shower head, then you will surely get 1 – year warranty on housing.
2. pH softens as well as balances the water.
3. Replaceable one-year cartridge.
4. This water softening shower head also features patented high-performance chlorine as well as copper zinc filtration media.
5. You will be happy to learn that the cooper zinc filtration media of this water softening shower head suppresses the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria and keep you healthy in this way at the time of taking a shower.


1. Easy to install.
2. No tool is necessary.
3. Removes chlorine and vapors from the water.
4. Also helps to reduce rust water (iron oxide), hydrogen sulfide and odors.
5. Cooper zinc filtration media suppresses the growth of mold, bacteria and fungus.
6. Replaceable one-year cartridge as well as one year warranty on housing.
7. Lots of discounts are available for this item if you buy it from “Shower Filter Store”.


1. Some people claimed that it this item doesn’t last for one year. But you can still exchange with another shower filter if you have the warranty card.

Finally, from the benefits and features that I stated in the above, one thing is totally clear as daylight that this water softening shower filter head has all the features that a standard shower filter should have. So whenever you create a shortlist with a number of water softening shower heads or shower head fittings, then I will definitely suggest you to keep this one on your list. That’s all for today and thanks for reading this review.
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