Review of Big Agnes Deep Creek Tarp

Big Agnes Deep Creek - 4 Persons Camping Tent

This article is going to be pretty much helpful for those who are badly in search of a quality camping tent for four persons. If you are seriously looking for a camping tent of 4 persons, then you have come to the right place. I researched several times in the past few days and finally I discovered quite a good camping tent which is perfectly alright for four persons. Kindly take a look at this article to gather more knowledge in details about this item.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of Big Agnes Deep Creek Tarp - Camping Tent


Well, the actual price of this 4 – person camping tent is US $129.95 which is quite okay I think. A few people might think that the price is a bit expensive but to be honest I actually don’t think like that. If you kindly notice the price of this kind of tent in other online stores, then you will probably realize why I am quite comfortable with the price of this tent. Anyway, the retail price of this tent is US $199.95;

The price I already mentioned in the above is actually the price of Gear Trade. That means if you are willing to buy this 4 – person camping tent from gear trade, then you will be able to buy this item at that price. I am really not so sure about the cost of this tent in other different online stores but I can assure you one thing that the cost of this camping tent will be a bit higher in other stores than Gear trade. That’s for sure. Truly speaking, Gear Trade is the best place to buy this type of item or any outdoor gear.

As Gear trade is an online store, you will not be able to make payment in cash. So you have to make payment through online and in order to make payment through online you need to have a visa or master card at least. Otherwise, you may have to depend on someone but it would be quite difficult for you.


“Big Agnes” is considered as the brand of this 4 – person camping tent. Whenever you are going to buy an item from online, try your level best to choose such an item which you will be able to use for a very long time. This is very important. Otherwise, after few days, you may again need to waste your time and money for the same thing and that will not good for you. Though it’s a matter of sorrow but the truth is most of the people nowadays fail to find the right item for their own. Though they follow different reviews and research a lot before going to buy anything but somehow they fail to choose the perfect item. One of the easiest ways to get quality items is to buy branded items. So if you are able to maintain the brand of your item, then probably you will get the best. No doubt about that. For example, for tech-related item, Samsung is still no the most popular brand all over the world. So whatever you buy, buy branded items. It will save both of your money and time.


“Deep Creek Tarp” is the model of this 4 person camping tent. It can be said that this is another reason behind the popularity of this camping tent.


This 4 – person camping tent is mainly a type of camping shelters and tarps.


It’s M in size.


Can be used by both male and female.


Those who are ready to buy it from Gear trade, they will discover this product in an excellent condition for sure.


1. Ideal for use as a group camping shelter for cooking.
2. Also ideal for use as a shelter from storms and sun.
3. Completely perfect for 6 people.


1. A few people claimed that this camping tent is pretty much larger than expected.

Just because of the features and benefits I mentioned in the above, this camping tent is still now famous all over the world. But you can even get better camping tent than this tent if you have enough time for researching and following some other reviews of different camping tents. But if you think that it will be quite difficult for you to manage time for researching and following the reviews and if you really don’t have sufficient knowledge about quality camping tents, then this item could be an excellent source for you. Overall, it’s a nice tarp.
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