Review of Oxyblast 7 – A superb Shower Filter with Pressurized Showerhead

Oxyblast 7 Shower Head Filter with Pressurized Showerhead

This article is going to be pretty much helpful for those who are badly in search of quality handheld shower filters or handheld water filters. Often we visited a number of different sites or shopping malls to find the top quality handheld water filters but somehow we failed to pick the right one for us. Well, reviews will be an excellent source for you to get the best handheld shower filter if you have the habit of reading. However, this article will mainly introduce you with the most popular handheld water filter known as “OXYBLAST 7 – SPRAY HAND HELD SHOWER FILTER”. First of all, I will discuss about the features and later I will figure the advantages, disadvantages of this hand-held shower head filter and some other things as well. So please continue reading this article to know more in details about this item.

Features of Oxyblast 7 Pressurized Showerhead:

Reduces Harmful Elements from the Water:

This hand held shower filter reduces lots of hazardous components from the water including iron oxide (rust water), hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smells), unwanted odors as well as traces of heavy metals. Besides, it also reduces scale build up on tiles as well as glass.

Cooper Zinc Filtration Media:

You will be glad to know that the copper-zinc media of this handheld water filter demolishes the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus in the cartridge. It is considered as one of an essential advantage of this handheld shower filter. For this reason, this handheld water filter is extremely popular over the entire world.

Simple Installation Process:

Honestly speaking, this shower filter is too simple to install. Most importantly, you don’t need to make use of any kind of tool for completing the process of installation. Just take a look at the guide or manual if you really don’t know the way of installing your shower filter. However, usually, it doesn’t take too much time to finish the installation process.


1. Eliminates iron oxide (rust water) from the water.
2. Eliminates hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smell) from the water.
3. Eliminates unwanted odors and traces of heavy metals from the water.
4. Besides reducing all these harmful components from the water, it at the same time, reduces build – up on tiles as well as glass.
5. Simple to setup.
6. Absolutely no tool is required for performing the installation process.
7. The most important thing is, copper-zinc media suppresses the growth of mold, bacteria and fungus in the cartridge.
8. pH balances as well as softens the water.
9. Ensured never to clog.
10. It also includes six unique oxygen rich sprays with eight unique intake ports.
11. Guaranteed long lasting performance.

12. Replaceable cartridge lasts for three months.
13. Swivel ball design adjusts to different angles.
14. Polished chrome housing simply attaches to hand – held bracket.


1. A bit expensive for the quality you’re getting.

Lastly, from the exclusive features and great advantages, one thing is totally clear as daylight that this handheld showerhead filter consists of almost all the features that a standard handheld water filter or hand held shower filter should really have. So it would be really better if you consider this one at the time of shopping a shower filter for your personal use. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.
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