Review of a Quality Camping Water Bottle - Hydro Flask 64 oz Wide Mouth Growler

Hydro Flask 64 oz Wide-Mouth Water Bottle at Gear Trade
Camping water filter is considered as an essential element for camping but it’s pretty much tough nowadays to find a quality camping water filter. Whenever you are going to purchase a camping water filter, you must need to make sure one thing that you will be able to use that filter during camping. Otherwise, there will be no meaning of wasting your time and money because the price of a camping water filter is not inexpensive. However, in this short review article, I will mainly introduce you with the most popular camping water filter named “64 OZ. Wide – Mouth Water Bottle (Growler) Classic Stainless, One Size”. This camping water filter is quite popular all over the world just because of its popular model and well – known brand. Anyway, continue reading this article to know more in details about this item. Hope you like it.

Features of this Camping Water Bottle


Well, the actual price of this camping water bottle is US $33.46 which is quite affordable. If you keep your eyes on other online stores, then you won’t find lots of difference. The price of this camping water bottle is almost similar in another online store. To compare the price, it is advised to have a look on the price on Amazon of this same product, which is pretty high. However, the retail price is US $54.99; as Gear Trade is an online store, so you have to make payment by using your visa or master card. So before going to purchase anything from Gear Trade, you have to make sure that you have a master card or visa card at least for making payment. If you don’t have any of these, then you may have to take help from someone else. You can also ask your friends to help you for this matter. The way of making payment is not too difficult. Be careful while filling out the information of your visa or master card. 

Brand & Model:

Hydro Flask” is considered as the brand of this water camping filter where “64 OZ. Wide – Mouth Water Bottle (Growler)” is considered as the model. For your kind information, “Hydro Flask” is one of the most popular brands for getting different types of camping water filter and all of their items are highly durable. So if you buy your camping water filter from Hydro Flask, then I can assure you one thing that you will never face any type of problem with your item. Hope you got my point. 


One size.




The volume of this camping water filter is 64 oz.


18 / 8 stainless steel.

So these are some of the very basic features of this camping water filter. Besides, this camping water bottle is pretty much affordable means you need not spend lots of money in order to purchase it. So if you are currently looking for a quality camping water filter at an affordable price, then this item could be an excellent option for you. That’s all for today and thanks a lot for reading this article. Hope you’ve liked this item.

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