Review of a Quality Men’s Casual Shoe

Men's Casual Shoes

This article is only for those who are badly in search of a quality casual shoe for men. In this review article, I will introduce my readers with one of the most popular men’s casual shoes named “Glenhaven Mid Shoe - Men's Black, 10.0 – Excellent”. For your kind information be informed that, this casual shoe for men is quite popular all over the world because of having some great features that you will never find in other shoes. This article has been written in order to focus on those features. So I would like to suggest my respected audiences to take a look at this article for at least one time and I am quite sure that this article will help you in the near future.


1. Price:

Well, the actual cost of this men’s casual shoe is US $75.48 which is, in my opinion, neither too expensive nor too affordable. But at present, it is really very hard to get a quality men’s casual shoe. Most of the items related to men’s casual shoe will never last for a long time and if you gonna use them, then you may need to purchase the same item again after few days. So in order to get a quality casual shoe for men, it’s not only essential to choose a good brand, but also essential to pick a famous online store. Gear Trade is one of them. Sometimes, you might find their product a bit expensive than the products / items in other online stores. It is just because of their quality. So if you somehow find the price of this men’s casual shoe a bit expensive, then I will also suggest you to go ahead with Gear Trade. Hope you got my point clearly.

2. Brand & Model:

For this men’s casual shoe, “KEEN” is considered as the brand where “Glenhaven Mid Shoe” is considered as the model. Different brands are available for different items. For example, the brands that are available for men’s fleece jacket must be different from the brands for men’s casual shoes. However, whenever it’s time to buy a quality men’s causal shoe, you should always consider the brand “KEEN”. “KEEN Men's Glenhaven Mid Shoe” is actually considered as the most popular brand for buying a number of quality causal shoes for both men and women. Even if you are also looking for a casual shoe for your kids, then I will strongly recommend this brand to you. Once you pick this brand for the purpose of buying casual shoes for your own or for your wife or even for your kids, you will find a number of different models. If you are just confused with lots of those models, then the above model can be chosen without any hesitation because I discovered it after doing an extensive research.

3. Size:

The actual size of this men’s casual shoe is 10.0

4. Gender:

For your kind information be informed that, this shoe is especially designed for male.

5. Footbed:

The footbed of this men’s casual shoe is made up of EVA.

6. Midsole:

The midsole is made up of PU. 

7. Recommended Use:

AsGlenhaven Mid Shoe is a type of men’s casual shoe, it can be used casually.


1. Comfortable to wear.
2. Fits nicely.
3. Size is perfectly alright.
4. It keeps the feet you have smelling fully fresh after long days at play or work.


1. Different prices are available in different stores which often makes the customers confused.

The features and pros I mentioned in the above regarding this men’s casual shoe clearly proves one thing that Glenhaven Mid Shoe possesses all the vital and essential requirements that a quality men’s casual shoe should really have. Now it’s totally your decision whether you purchase this item or not. You have eyes and you have brain and it is also true that you are the best creation of GOD. So I strongly believe that you have the real ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Anyway, that’s all for today and thanks for taking a look at this review article.
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