Tips for Cleaning the Removable and Non Removable Chrome Shower Head

chrome shower head

Quite unfortunately, if your chrome shower head is fully clogged with years of mineral deposit build – up, it may in need of a huge cleansing. Instead of reaching for hazardous chemicals which may not just damage your chrome shower head, but may also be not that good for your health, try making use of vinegar instead. However, take a look at this article to know two simple ways of cleaning your chrome shower head using water and vinegar.

At first, we will talk about how to clean a removable shower head and later we will talk about the process of cleaning a non-removable shower head. Therefore, continue reading this article to know more in details.

How to Clean a Removable Chrome Shower Head?

1. In order to clean a removable chrome shower head, you have to manage the following things at first.

# Soft cloth (flannel or microfiber).
# A Toothbrush (The older the better).
# Distilled white vinegar.
# Bucket, pot or other type of container that is quite sufficient to fit your chrome shower head.

2. After managing the above mentioned things, now you have to remove the chrome shower head by twisting it counterclockwise.

3. Now manage a pot from somewhere and then put your chrome shower head into it.

4. Take the distilled white vinegar I mentioned in the above and then fill the pot with it to cover the whole chrome shower head.

5. Let the shower head soak in the vinegar for half an hour to overnight.

6. Take your shower head out of that bucket or pot and then do rinsing.

7. By making use of your old toothbrush, you can easily scrub away any type of residue.

8. Try using a flannel or microfiber when you are going to polish your chrome shower head.

9. Now put your shower head back onto the wall pipe and finally turn the water on to notice how it goes.

That’s all about cleaning a removable chrome shower head. Now in the next part, I will discuss about the process of cleaning a non – removable chrome shower head.

1. Start your process by gathering the same things that you have done while cleaning your removable chrome shower head. The things that you need to manage for cleaning your non – removable shower head are given as below:

# Soft cloth (flannel or microfiber).
# A Toothbrush (The older the better).
# Distilled white vinegar.
# A Plastic bag.
# a piece of string or twist tie.

2. Now take that plastic bag and fill it partway with the white distilled vinegar.

3. Place that plastic bag over your chrome shower head.

4. Properly secure the plastic bag to the chrome shower head with a piece of twist tie or string.

5. Now allow your shower head soak for thirty minutes to overnight.

6. Remove the bag from the shower head and turn the water on. Wait for a couple of minutes and then again turn the water off.

7. Keep scrubbing the shower head with the old toothbrush.

8. Give a finishing by turning the water off and polish your chrome shower head with a very soft cloth like flannel or microfiber.

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That’s all about cleaning both removable and non – removable chrome shower head. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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