The Best Filter to Remove Fluoride from the Water

fluoride water filter
One of the most popular ways to eradicate fluoride from the tap water is to make use of a filter which contains Brimac. These types of filters will constantly eradicate 90% of fluoride from the water. However, for your kind information be informed that Brimac is also known as bone char.

If you are badly in search of the least expensive way to eradicate fluoride from the water, then I will at first suggest you to add or include raw bone char to the water. It can easily be found at eBay. eBay is one of the most popular online stores for getting a number of different items and majority of their items are high in quality. So if you really want to have some quality raw bone char, then I will surely suggest you to choose eBay for shopping.

However, if you somehow fail to manage raw bone char for the purpose of removing fluoride from the water, then there is another option available for you and that is using a Propur drip filter. Well, these types of filters use AquaMetix. Do you have any knowledge or idea about AquaMetix?
Basically, it’s a new proprietary carbon based filtration technology. A propur drip filter has the great ability of removing 60% - 90% of fluoride. Therefore, besides considering raw bone char, you should also consider Popur drip fluoride water filter.

There is no denying the fact that it’s really pretty much difficult to eradicate fluoride from the water perfectly. Filters by Pur and Brita make use of activated carbon for filtration which doesn’t eradicate any fluoride. The methods of filtration I presented below are the only methods suggested as well as recommended by the WQA and EPA for the filtration of fluoride where the full form of WQA is Water Quality Association and the full form of EPA is United States Environmental Protection Agency.

  1. Bone Char Filters.
  2. Propur Drip Filters.
  3. Reverse Osmosis.
  4. Distillation.

Fluoride is considered as one of the very toxic substances. Just because of this only reason, fluoride has been used in rodenticides as well as pesticides for killing insects, rats etc. Excess fluoride exposure can lead to skeletal fluorosis which is a painful bone disease, and dental fluorosis which is known to be the discoloration of the teeth known. In addition, excess fluoride exposure has been connected to a wide variety of other different types of chronic ailments which includes arthritis, gastrointestinal distress, glucose intolerance, dental fluorosis, bone fragility and possibly cardiovascular disease and lastly certain kinds of cancer.

Therefore, it is highly essential to remove fluoride from the water completely with the assistance of fluoride water filter. Nowadays you will find a number of different fluoride water filters in many online stores. You can either order a fluoride water filter from online or if you have any doubt with the quality, you can also shop a fluoride water filter by paying a visit physically to the shower filter store.

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