6 Interesting Facts About Chevrolet Camaro You Have Never Known Before

Camaro for sale in Philippines
Camaro has been ruling over the automotive industry for a long time. If you don’t know, we are telling that the concept, initialization, and production of Chevrolet Camaro started in the 1960s and the first car was delivered in 1966. So it has been over fifty years when the first car was introduced and the rest is the history.

In this post, we will share the facts and things people might have never known before about Chevrolet Camaro. For your information, there are Camaro for sale Philippines that you can get on reasonable prices. There are old and new models available and after reading this post, you may be more interested in a Camaro car. Let’s check the lesser known facts about Camaro for sale Philippines.

1. It Was Named Panther

We know the companies maintain privacy and secrecy in their product until they are launched. So when the product started, it was named Panther and this code name was quite popular among the engineers. Even the first ever model of Camaro for sale in Philippines launched in 1966 was called Panther. This was quite an interesting choice for that name and looked decent.

2. The Unique Record

The Camaro was not the first car of the world though but it proved handy in letting people come closer and become a part of world’s first telephonic conference. When the car was launched in 1966, people from 14 different countries attended the telephonic conference and it was the first telephonic conference that ever happened in the world. 

3. The Word “Camaro”

Have you ever wondered what this word Camaro actually means? For most of you, it will be interesting to find out that the company selected this name after a long debate. The word means an animal that eats Mustang. So it was the name that was chosen with competition and to overcome its biggest competitor Mustang. 

4. Car for Champions

This will surely be interesting for the readers to learn that Camaro was the car used from 1975 to 1989 to determine the best drivers and for various racing championships. Nowadays, we see most of the modern cars like Ferrari and others that are used to figure out who the best driver in the world is. But Camaro holds the unique record and was the only option of champions for racing and excelling as the best driver back then.

5. Dubai Police Has a Z/28

Dubai Police is famous for their fast cars. The government provides its police department with all the latest and quality cars. Now hear this out… they have one of the most famous Z/28 Camaro too and this shows how popular the brand is. 

6. 1970 Camaro

This is a very lesser known fact that the 1970 Camaro was shown as the latest car but it was actually a 1969 model. The company faced four months delay due to some reasons and during that time they sold 1969 Camaro as 1970. However, the actual 1970 Camaro was produced and launched sometime later.
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