9 Interesting Facts About BMX Bikes

BMX bikes for sale Sydney
BMX bikes for sale Sydney
BMX bikes which stand for bikes MotoCross originated in the late 1960s in southern California. These bikes were manufactures keeping the youth in mind who were then interested in dirt bike racing. These imitated the dirt bikes so that they could be used in tracing on dirt and rugged terrain. Since then the specification and designs of BMX bikes have evolved tremendously to suit the versatile types of dirt bike racing. The different models of BMX bikes are; freestyle, jump and traditional. Below are some facts about BMX bikes.

1. The first official BMX race was held in California in 1971 in which hundreds of bikers took part.

2. In the Summer Olympic games in 2008, Bicycle Motocross was one of the competitions from the bike sports and it was held in Beijing, China.

3. The BMX bicycles contain only one brake and gear. Which means the bikers cannot regularly change gears or step on brakes in between the race. This particular feature helps in racing up and down the hills and rough terrain and increase or decrease speed. 

4. The BMX race is not an easy affair, in fact, the race can be quite aggressive, so the racers need to wear helmets and full sleeved clothes. Some racers might also need shoulder pads and knee pads so to avoid injuries during fall or slip. If you reside in Sydney, then the terrain and land are perfect for a BMX race and you can search for BMX bikes for sale Sydney to get your perfect bike.

5. Freestyle BMX bikes are used to perform various types of tricks and stunts such as toppling, jumping, spinning and more stuff on flat land areas. Make sure that you are a professional at doing these tricks and have learned all the tricks and stunts. Also, only professional BMX freestyle bikes are used for this purpose.

6. The traditional BMX bikes are mainly used for dirt racing, have a light framework and wobbly tires so that the bikers can easily ride and control the bike during a race and also have one gear for traction and also increase the speed.

7. The jumper BMX bikes have the specifications and qualities of both the other bikes; traditional and freestyle. They are designed in such a way that they have trick bars, a back brake, and thick tires so as to help in performing stunts on flat areas and also race in uneven surfaces and slopes. 

8. The BMX races in London are very short and are approximately for 35 to 40 seconds so you need to watch the complete race and not even bat your eyelash. 

9. BMX race is considered as one of the craziest sports as the young bikers are into very crazy and unique stunts and tricks. 

The city of Sydney has a hilly terrain and a perfect weather for cyclists. The cycling industry in Sydney is completely developed and that is the reason many cycling events take place in the Sydney all year round. If you are a resident of Sydney, then you should surely search for BMX bikes for sale Sydney. You can also search different websites such as Amazon for BMX bikes and other specialized mountain bikes for sale Sydney and get a BMX bike according to your preferences.
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