7 Things About SEO People Always Get Wrong

SEO services Brisbane
SEO services Brisbane
People need to hire SEO services of Brisbane to know a thing or two about search engine optimization. Thanks to the internet, people have access to information but the same information demands a touch of professionalism when multiple people get affected by it, in the form of rumors.

Read the 7 things about SEO that people are mostly wrong about:

1. You don’t really need to invest in SEO

While it is true that most CMS and website builder software provides SEO but that just makes every website stand on the same line.

To defeat the competition, you need to invest in SEO so that you receive more visitors than your competitors.

2. There is no relation between mobile development and SEO

This is wrong on so many levels. Search engine algorithms are dependent upon many factors when it comes to ranking a website and a mobile platform website is more appealing than a static desktop layout.

The reason is that smartphones have gotten cheaper and everyone uses one these days. People surf the internet in classrooms, trams, trains, buses and are constantly looking for websites which make them have a good time.

A fast mobile platform, with engaging content and thought-provoking images increase your SEO. SEO services Brisbane can explain you better. 

3. You can do SEO yourself

Partially right! You can ‘contribute’ towards the growth of your website’s SEO but that growth will only a mere particle of your business success. 

Your applied techniques will be no match for someone who works on multiple SEO projects on different websites.

4. SEO is easy

Yes, it is easy because you are doing it wrong.

SEO requires a complete skillset of technicalities and certain writing and coding practices, which cannot be learned from reading internet blogs. That type of experience is gained by working on multiple SEO projects. Without experienced hands, you will not reach 100% success of your website.

You need to contact SEO services company so that your website gets the service it deserves.

5. There are no shortcuts in SEO

Not really! Thanks to developers, people now have access to web analytics and tools which shorten the lengthy SEO procedures.

Don’t get us wrong. SEO still remains as technical as it was but now, you get more results in less time.

6. You can hide links in images

People used to hide referral links in images in the past because they thought it is untraceable for search engines to find links inside the images. 

This trick no longer works. Google can now read images, decipher texts and recognize objects in the images. 

7. You cannot monitor SEO

SEO is more than gaining the top spot of search engine returned results. It includes the development of engaging content which influences the user into becoming a permanent client of a business. 

There are internet tools known as ‘Web Analytics’. These are both, free and premium and you can use them to track the success of your SEO services Brisbane.
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