Top 6 Tips On Making Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

beaute hair extensions
beaute hair extensions
If you use extensions, there are certain maintenance things that you need to do, so that your beauty hair extensions last longer. Since these extensions are made from human hair, you have to care for them as you care for your own hair. However, there are slight differences in the maintenance. For the beaute hair extensions, you need special brushes and wide-toothed combs, you will also often need to condition them to restore their moisture. You will also have to carefully wash them and blow dry if you need. 

Here are the top 6 tips through which you can make your extensions last longer: 

1. Watch Them Gently 

While the professionals advise that you should not wet your beaute hair extensions very often. But you do need to wash them regularly. So that they will not look dirty and smell bad. The extensions are made from real human hair taken from a donor, you need to care for them because unlike your natural hair, your scalp will not be providing nourishment to the extensions. Wash them with a gentle hand and with lukewarm water. You can select a shampoo with the help of a professional stylist.

2. Blow Dry Them with Care 

The professional stylists do not recommend very often blow dries. But if you need to blow dry them, you have to first detangle the hair using your fingers. Use your blow dryer on the lowest setting. Start blow drying from the roots of the extensions. Do not brush your extensions until they are 90 % dry. It is because wet hair is very vulnerable to breakage.

3. Deep Condition Them 

Since your scalp is not providing nourishment to the extensions, you have to deep condition them at regular intervals. This conditioning will preserve the moisture of the extensions and ultimately increase their lifespan. You can select a conditioner with the help of a professional stylist.

4. Brush Them Correctly 

You should brush your hair at least twice a day. First in the morning and secondly before going to bed. If you brush your hair before taking a shower, it will lower the chances of tangles. There are special brushes and combs available in the market for extensions. Carefully select your brush because it will reduce the chances of damage.

5. Protect Them While Sleeping 

Your hair can get tangled while sleeping. If you want your extensions to last longer, you have to tie them up in a ponytail or a loose braid. This will decrease the chances of tangling and breakage. Using Silk bed sheets and pillow covers also reduce the chances of tangles in your hair.

6. Go Easy with The Styling

Too much styling can even damage your natural hair. Using heating tools on your natural hair can take away their moisture. Same is the case with your extensions. According to professional stylists, you should not style your extensions too much. This is to reduce the damage to those extensions. But it does not mean that you cannot style them at all. Just not too much.
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