Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 Specs and Review

Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 price Philippines
Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 price Philippines
Chevrolet Trailblazer is a mid-size SUV with seven-person seating capacity and five doors. The company has worked to refine the look, design, engine performance, technology features and other safety and security tools in the new version of Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 price Philippines. In this post, we will include the price, specs, features and a detailed review of how the car performs.

Specs and Features

· Country of origin: Thailand

· Class: Midsize SUV

· Body Styles: 5 Door Wagon

· Weight: 2035 kg

· Engine: 3.6 V6 RWD/4WD

· Gearbox: 6A

· Power: 236 HP

· Torque: 329 Nm

· Fuel Efficiency (L/100Km): 12.2

· Fuel Economy (Km/L): 8.2

Styling and Design

If we compare the new model Trailblazer with the previous one, there are not so many changes. The new model looks like the old one but has undergone few changes with small wheels and tire package. It also comes with 16-inch alloys wrapped in 245/70 tires. The design of the car doesn’t look old but it is one of the most common designs in mid-size SUVs we see everywhere. However, the new changes in Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 have given it a new and fresh look.


The interior of the car is pretty good and impressive as well. The company has replaced traditional multi-knob manual climate control system with the funky all-in-one climate control knob. The interior is decorated with hard plastic and gives a sensibility of wash and wear. The seats are bigger as usual and make it comfortable for the driver and the passengers to enjoy their rides. In an overall rating, the interior is pretty awesome and competes with the interior of any good midsize SUV in the market.

Engine and Performance

We have listed the engine, performance, and fuel efficiency details in the specs and feature section. Here we will talk about how the car performs when it comes to testing and hilly areas. With the engine provided, the car is a very powerful vehicle and gives awesome speed on highways. When you are in the city, it may cause a bit more issues while driving and handling but on open roads, it’s more like a beast.

The people who drove it and tested for hours talked about its stunning engine performance in most situations. With seven-person seating capacity, the vehicle is a powerful family car and offers great speed, performance, and control. It also features soft ride suspension system that refers to better ride comfort and wheel control while driving.

Other Features

Apart from what we discussed above, Chevrolet Trailblazer 2016 price Philippines also comes with many other amazing features. AC-cooled front cup holders, a touchscreen, the 4x2 soldiers on with a regular 2DIN head unit and a decent (but not thrilling) six-speaker system, and multi-information display readout are some other prominent and very useful features.

Final Words

This car is a great family car with a seven-person seating capacity and amazing engine performance. It competes any best midsize SUV in the market when it comes to its price, features, specs, comfort, performance, and control. You can buy this car from any of the best places to buy a new car.
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