5 Interesting Facts about Vodafone

Vodafone prepaid plans
Vodafone prepaid plans
Vodafone is the leading mobile service of Europe. It is very popular in Australia also. The company marked its 33 years of existence in 2018. It has kicked off 3 decades of mobile pioneering in the UK. This mobile service is also used in India with the merger of Idea Cellular. In 2017, Vodafone was the 18th top company in Australia. Vodafone prepaid plans have become a necessity in the UK as well as in Australia.

This mobile service has various plans to suit different needs. Vodafone prepaid plans are very popular all over the world. The company itself started in the UK in 1982. From then onwards it has expanded its services to reach Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

There are some facts about this leading mobile service which you should know about: 

1. The Name 

The name Vodafone is a mixture of 3 words; voice, data, and phone. Initially, the spellings were Vodaphone, but they were changed on the advice of advertising experts. It has taken almost 3 years to build up this company from a thought.

2. The Company 

It was founded in 1982 in Newbury, England. Now the headquarters are in London. With gradual success this company it reached almost 1000,000 customers in 1993. There had been an estimated 967 million shipments of smartphones worldwide between 2007 and 2013. At present, the CEO of Vodafone is Vittorio Colao. He is an Italian businessman.

3. Human Rights Centered Services 

Among the very few companies in the world, Vodafone offers services that help millions of workers all over the world. It introduces services that cater to the less privileged part of society. It has a service which enables millions of workers to have secure payments, without having a bank account.

4. Verizon Wireless Shares 

Vodafone phone owns 45 % shares of Verizon wireless. This is a US company which offers 4G LTE Technology to millions of Americans. Vodafone received around 3 billion from this company in 2013 and claimed to invest this money in the rebuilding of mobile services.

5. Vodafone Plans

They are various Vodafone prepaid plans which suit different needs of people. It caters to various requirements. Vodafone has data and talks combo services, which give you sufficient mobile data and talk time minutes. It provides 1000 international minutes from Australia to the selected destinations. This plan is for $40. It also offers another deal in $20. This deal consists of 25 GB of mobile data and unlimited national calls and texts. It has an expiry of 35 days. The $50 deal consists of 35 GB of data and unlimited national calls and texts.

There are various plans to suit your needs which can be availed by purchasing different mobile phone deals. There are SIM only plans also if you do not want a phone with it. The company gives you sufficient mobile data with a faster speed of up to 1.5 Mbps. You will not have to wait for the videos to load. Because at this speed, they will run smoothly. The data given in various packages is very sufficient for you. And the charges are not much.
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