7 Cool Classic Cars in Philippines

classic cars for sale Philippines
classic cars for sale Philippines
There are over a hundred or even more classic cars that people still prefer to own and ride. That is mostly because of the make of these old cars as they are really powerful, Japanese made and offer a great classic look. Many are the people who are fans of classic cars and continue to enjoy these despite the fact they can afford new ones. Here today we are sharing classic cars for sale Philippines.

1. Mercedes-Benz W108 (1965–1972)

This is one of the coolest classic cars still popular in the world. Mercedes is just a name of extreme comfort and power. Their vehicles have become more powerful over the years but this model has been around for fifty years. And people still look to use this old model because of amazing look, classic design and great shape.

2. 1956 VW Beetle Ragtop

Here comes another classic car that people of Philippines may find appealing. This was quite a unique model when it comes to its design, shape and overall look. It was very popular after its release and made a huge number of sales throughout the world. It can be found anywhere in the category of classic cars for sale Philippines.

3. 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

Ford is one of the oldest and top brands that has given tough times to one of the best automakers in the world. This model was released in 1967 but it still has a charm. People are attracted towards this model because of a classic look, amazing shape, an old but powerful engine. This truly makes a classic luxury car.

4. 1936 Austin Lichfield

This even remained the best-selling car in the 1930s. How people who loved classic cars and were raised seeing these cars can forget them? This is one of the cars that people still find somehow nice and good for their driving needs. This may not be available in some good conditions but it will make a great car for comfortable rides.

5. 1947 Buick Roadmaster

Here we another amazing car that deserves to be a classic hit. It was a super popular car when it was released. The white color and gorgeous design were the reasons this car became popular and people found it too good for their needs. It may be available somewhere if you could find it. A ride inside this car will let you realize why it was so popular.

6. 1963 Toyota Land Cruiser (J40)

Here we have brought you one of the early models of Land Cruiser that to the date remains a hot and popular luxury car in the world. This model was unique in its design and featured amazing specs. People will love to own this if they could it anywhere.

7. 1961 Jaguar E-Type

We all know Jaguar and it remains on top with few luxury automakers. This model released in 1961 and remained a super popular car for a few years. The design is just amazing and it looks a car with the minimum body and something very light.

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