8 Car Buying Secrets To Know

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No matter you are looking for a Honda Hatchback for sale or any other car, you need some serious tips on car buying. Agents and salesmen never share their best secrets with customers. We have collected all the best car buying secrets in this post anyone should know.

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1. Best Time to Buy Cars

According to experts and retailers, the end of every month is the best time when you should look for cars. They say the rates may be reduced and you may get a better car in a reasonable budget. Moreover, the negotiation is important that decides where you will be in the deal.

2. Be Careful in Test Drive

The test drive experience should be calculated as it determines whether you will buy a car or not. No one wants to regret later that they bought a wrong car. So be careful and take someone with you who can guide you about the cars and knows better technically.

3. Do Your Homework

You should be prepared for your work. Do some research on what cars you will be testing and looking for in the market? Be relevant and educated so that you can decide briskly about a certain car whether to test it or leave. Decisions should be calculated. 

4. Know About Pricing

Different retailers may offer different prices of a single car. They may even get more than the real price if the buyer doesn’t know much about the cars and their prices. So do a lot of work and prepare a list of cars with their prices, specs, features and other details. 

5. Don’t Listen to Salesmen

The salesmen have a target to sell their cars, no matter what they have to do. They are tricky people and know how to convince a buyer even for the worst cars. Don’t listen to them much. Just be focused and look for the car you really need. Attractive salesmen are sharp and they use their charm to trap buyers. 

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6. What Salesmen Hate?

As said earlier the salesmen have a target to sell the cars. They get ready as soon as you enter the shop. What they hate the most is a prepared buyer with prior research on the cars. You need to be active and show the salesman that you know better than him. This is a way to get a better car.

7. Pay in Cash

There are a number of ways by which you can pay the retailer or car owner. When you are buying an old or used car, try to pay in cash. According to an expert, they got a better car with a discount of $500 just because they paid in cash and managed to negotiate with the owner.

8. Beware of Add-Ons

When you finalize the deal and ask for the invoice, you may get extra charges such as an extended service warranty, security system, paint protection or rust coating. These items offer a huge profit to the dealers to take care of it and don’t ask for these extra items.
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