9 Cozy Tip To Ensure Best Sleep For Your Infant

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Here we are sharing the best tips and hacks, according to experts, to ensure soundless sleep for your infant so you can get some shut eye too.

1. Invest in Black Curtains

While you are spending money on essentials like baby clothes and HiPP hypoallergenic formula, spend a bit more on blackout curtains. Total blackout helps baby sleep longer. The more sleep baby gets, the healthier he grows.

2. Feeding Should Be the Last Things Before Sleep

Massage your baby’s face a bit, clean it with a warm cloth, change the diaper and then feed the baby HiPP hypoallergenic formula or HiPP combiotic first infant milk or any other milk. Changing diaper after feeding can wake the baby up. Baby’s don’t sleep long in earlier months. Be vigilant as soon as you feel them getting tired put them to sleep.

3. Move Your Baby Carefully

Moving the sleeping baby is nothing less than strolling through a minefield. Check for deep breathing, if the baby is taking deep measured breaths then you are clear to move him, better yet, do the limp arm test, if the baby doesn’t stir then move him ever so carefully. After putting him in his crib, keep your hand on his belly for a bit to make sure he is sleeping soundlessly.

4. Dim Light

Bright light signals the brain to wake up, so it’s better to invest in a dim, battery operated night light. This will help you with midnight feeding hours without waking the baby up.

5. Warm Crib

Another magic trick is to make the crib as warm as your arms. Just keep a hot water bottle in the crib for a while and then take it out before putting your baby in. This will keep the baby asleep even after the transfer from your arms to the crib.

6. Create a Schedule with Your Partner or Helper

If you can get a support person or fix a baby checking schedule with your partner for the initial months, do it. Babies don’t sleep long in the initial months and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. So, it’s better to take turns to stay awake with the baby.

7. Pacifier Calms the Baby Down

The best way to make your baby sleep peacefully is to let him sleep with his favorite pacifier, but if your baby doesn’t have the habit of taking a pacifier then don’t push that on him. Learn a few lullabies. Babies love the voice of their parents, sing or read to the baby. He may not understand it but your soothing voice will work magic.

8. Dress You Baby Well Before Putting Him or Her to Sleep

If the baby is dressed in warm clothes, he won’t need a blanket for cover. Which is good because there won’t be any chance of accidental suffocation of the infant. Wrapping up the baby in a swaddle one way to make the baby sleep longer.

9. More Space

Co-sleeping with your baby can be very difficult in a small bed. Invest in a bigger bed, preferably a king-size bed. This way baby and the parents both get decent sleep. babies have the habit of moving around a lot, kicking and snuggling are common. The most space everyone has the better.
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