5 Best Bike Locks To Buy

cycling products
cycling products
Bikes are expensive and we’re sure that you don’t want to let your hard-earned money wasted just like that. To prevent your bikes from being stolen, you must use some protective cycling products. Following is a list of the best bike locks to buy in Australia:

1. Kryptonite Messenger Mini

This Kryptonite U-lock is of very good quality and is designed to secure the rear wheel and frame of your bicycle. You can also add another layer of security by using the set of wheel nuts which can be attached to the front wheel. The good thing is that the Nutz can only be unlocked when the bike is placed upside down. There are two keys available for this U-lock which and the company also provides an anti-theft protection if your bike gets stolen due to the failure in the lock. This lock is very effective but you never know the thinking of a thief.

2. Oxford Alarm-D Midi

The Oxford Alarm-D Midi is equipped with an alarm and it lets you know whenever a thief is nearby and is tinkering with your bike. If you have parked your bike at a busy parking and need to use it as an ordinary U-lock, you can do it too because it is very easy to disarm. It has a Sold Secure Silver rating and is equipped with a hardened steel shackle. You can use the key to disarm the lock instantly. The Oxford Alarm-D Midi lock has a sturdy and beautiful design and is perfect for keeping your bike safe. It is one of the best cycling products as it is equipped with an alarm system. 

3. Abus U-lock Ultimate 420

ABUS manufactures one of the best cycling products which are sold around the world. This U-lock is equipped with ABUS security technology which will make it impossible for the thieves to unlock it. It has a compact design and is very secure. The good thing is that you can easily put it into your backpack because of the compactness and lock your bike whenever you need to park it. It has a modern design with a hardened 13 mm round bracket. It also features a high-quality locking cylinder that offers protection against picking. If your bike has a long shackle, this lock will work very well and can be locked easily to a fixed object. 

4. Litelok Gold Lock

Litelok has an innovative and beautiful design and is very flexible. The band is braided and forms a loop when snapped together. The lock is resistant to any type of theft such as sawing or cropping as it is very sturdy and unbreakable. Also, it is very lightweight and there is a storage bag included in the package. There are loops included too and there is a neoprene sleeve provided for protecting the frame.

5. Magnum Combo Coil Cable

Magnum Combo Coil Cable is a heavy duty one and it features a tough vinyl cable cover that keeps the bike safe and well protected. It is also equipped with an all tube multi-position quick releasing mounting bracket that allows you to unlock the equipment instantly. It is available in two thickness levels; 10 mm or 12 mm and both with a length of 180 cm.

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