Top 7 Household Items You Can Donate Today

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Have you ever complained about having so much extra stuff lying around that you have no space to store your useful items? What do you do with the stuff? You still keep it with you or discard it or sometimes sell it. Or you are shifting to someplace else and have a lot of junk or just plain de-cluttering. Have you ever thought about donating your extra or slightly sued item which is not needed by you now?

Donating gives a second life to your item and product and goes in the hands of needy and less fortunate people who are extremely happy to get them by you. You will get the pleasure of seeing someone smile with your unwanted stuff. You can call any bulk item disposal NYC and they will come and pick up your junk for donating. Below are the top household items which you can donate.

1. Clothes and Shoes

Clothes and shoes top the list as these are the most donated items. You can give your slightly used, new or clothes that you have overgrown or not in fashion. Make sure they are a feasible condition that others can actually wear it and wash before donating. 

2. School Books and Stationary

Every household has old school books and copies lying in the attic or basement totally forgotten. You can donate your unneeded school books and copies every year to charities where children can actually benefit from it. Also, if you have extra colors, pencils, school bags, and crayon, donate them for needy children.

3. Electronics

People have a tendency to store extra kitchen appliances, which have never been used or are more than one. Spread happiness and donate those to charity if you are not using as it could really benefit the less fortunate ones. Also, extra computers can also be donated. 

4. Blankets, Bed Sheets and Towels

If you have a lot of blankets that are extra and you do not use them or you have bought new ones then donate the extra ones and create space in your home. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and blankets are definitely a blessing in the cold winter nights. Same goes for bed sheets and towels. The needy people will love the gently used bed sheets and towels and can make their home a better place. 

5. Medicines

People stock a lot of medicines of which many are not used for years and then get expired and are thrown away. It is better to clear out your medicines every month and donate to needy charities the ones that are extra or you won’t be needing for a long time. 

6. Spices and Food Items

If you have stocked up on extra spices and also nonperishable food items, then consider donating them to needy families or charity centers as this food could be a week’s worth food for some families.

7. Furniture

Furniture is really needed by charities and homes which have no furniture. If you are shifting then you should donate your old furniture. You can call the donation pick up Long Island companies as they will come and pick your heavy furniture and donate them where needed.
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