Review for NagoVibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe

Nago Vibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe  -Climbing Shoe
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Features of this Popular Climbing Shoe

In order to assist you more, here I like to show you a sample review of climbing shoes known as ‘NagoVibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe Red, 42.5 - Like New’. Let’s have a look at it.


The price of this shoe is US $69.58 which is pretty affordable I think. Usually the climbing shoes cost more than others. However, the retail cost of this shoe is US $98.95

Brand & Model:

‘La Sportiva’ is considered as the brand of this shoe where ‘NagoVibram XS Edge Climbing Shoe’ is considered as the model.


It’s mainly a type of climbing shoes.


This shoe is mainly designed for men.


The size of this shoe is 42.5


The shoe is red in color.

Additional Features:

1. You won’t find any hole or rip on the shoes.
2. Totally perfect for the beginners and intermediate.
3. It’s quite comfortable for all – around climbing.

If you still have doubt about the features of this climbing shoe, then feel free to visit ‘Gear Trade’ for knowing more. Thanks for having a look at this article!
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