Features of the Most Popular Comfort Taxi Booking App Android

comfort taxi booking app android

This article will mainly provide you with the features of one of the most popular comfort taxi booking apps android which is commonly known as “Comfort DelGro Taxi Booking Application”. Behind the popularity of this comfort taxi booking app android, you will find a number of reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

Well, the comfort DelGro Taxi Booking Application is simply ideal as well as superb for people on the go. Whenever you are going to create an android app for your own or personal business, you have to make it as much user friendly as you possibly can. Because it’s really not possible for you to teach all of your users on how to use your android app. Most importantly, you will get the users around the entire world. So you have to make it in such a way that people won’t find it difficult to understand each and every functionality of this app. This is very important and this is what has done by the Comfort DelGro Taxi Booking Application. If you do take a look at their taxi booking app, you will find it pretty much user friendly. So you will never have any kind of uneasy feeling while operating this app. The most essential and vital fact about this android application is, the users can easily set their preferred destination, journeys as well as locations for their cab booking. Just because of this only reasons, people love this app a lot that you could never imagine. Even this app will also allow you to book a cab at your present location, figured out by the GPS of your handset. I am not sure about this feature in other taxi booking android application but it should be rare for sure, you might find the same feature in two or three other android application.

A lot of functionalities are also available behind the huge popularity of this app. First of all, this app can be used to add noted to the taxi driver. That means, if you have any note to provide with the taxi driver or if you would like to tell or say something to the taxi driver, then surely this app could be a great platform for doing so. In other apps, I think you can just message the driver but this app is exceptionally different. Even you can leave your comment about the service of the driver by using the note.

This comfort taxi booking app android has the great ability to detect the present location automatically by making use of the GPS. Booking of advance as well as current / present jobs are also available for this comfort taxi booking android app. But overall, the most essential and vital feature of this app is, you can add notes to the taxi driver.

This comfort taxi booking app android can help you to estimate the total cost or fare of the cab. Besides, it will also let you get the trip details at the same time. It can also advise you the most appropriate journey route for you. You can also check the status anytime you want or if you want, you can also cancel the booking anytime. Overall, this app plays a vital role in doing so many things related to taxi booking. Can be the best friend for those who love to travel abroad.

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