Search Engine Optimization Checklists that You Must Follow

Complete Search Engine Optimization Checklists - Writing Professionals Workshop

Well, there is no denying the fact that SEO or effective search engine optimization can be very frightening, particularly when you have no clue what are the necessary steps to take to rank your fresh content web pages in the top 10 position of Google search engine. However, if you are quite able to develop a very basic understanding of on page and off page optimization, then you will for sure be way ahead of the competition. No doubt about that.

Well, the on page elements are given as below. Most of the time, the SEO freelancer services implement these things in the SEO campaigns of their clients.

> Quality.
> Research.
> Words.
> Engagement.
> Freshness.
> Titles.
> Descriptions.
> Headers.
> Meta / Alt Tags.
System:> Crawl / Robots.
> Page Load Time.
> URLs (shorts/keywords).
> S.E Indexing.
> Layout.
> Bold / Strong Tags.
> EM Tags.
Black Hat:
> Spam.
> Paid Links.
> Keyword Stuffing.
> Cloaking.

Well, now let us see the elements of off page SEO.
> Quality.
> Text / Keywords.
> Inbound Numbers.
> Authority.
> History.
> SSL.
> Country.
> Locality.
> History.
> Social.
> Reputation.
Share / Likes.
> Links.
> Blocked by Visitors.
> Black Listed.

Okay, now it’s time to explain more in details about off page search engine optimization.

Basically, off page SEO refers to all types of activities that are usually performed by you and others outside of the website you have for the purpose of raising the ranking of a web page in the results of search engine.

Although majority of the people think that off page SEO is just about building some quality links, it actually goes beyond that. Most of the off page SEO activities that do not lead to a very standard link on other websites are definitely important for off page optimization.

For your kind information be informed that on page search engine optimization basically happens within your website or the website of your client. On the other side, off page SEO happens away from your website. If you create a high-quality guest post for another website or blog or if you leave a comment in other blog/site, then in this way you are performing off page SEO.

Keep one thing in your mind that links are considered as one of the most essential and vital factors in Google according to the survey of a few SEO freelance services. Don’t just ignore it simply. To be honest, it’s really not possible for Google to figure out or calculate or measure the value of any web page if there are actually no links pointing to that web page. It really does not matter how helpful, unique or in – depth the contents of the page might be.

Though it’s a matter of sorrow but the truth is the majority of the site owners often alluded to skip or avoid the very first preparations for building the quality links. However, it’s essential that you provide this best priority because preparing a website will make sure that you are pretty much mindful of the links you sent to them.
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