5 Cycling Records Which All of Us Cheer For

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Cycles were initially built to facilitate people in the movement and in going from one place to another. We understand that due to fast lifestyle many not use bikes but only a true admirer knows the fun of cycling, right?

Let’s talk about cycling records. There have been made a lot of amazing records where people showed great courage and stamina. Here we will be talking about 5 stunning cycling records people have ever made.

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1. The Hour Record

This record is about the most distance covered in one hour on the velodrome. The first record was made in 1876 with 24 km or 16 miles but it was broken in 2015 with more distance. The governing body of the contest had relaxed rules so it became easier for the cyclists to cover more distance. Now Sir Bradley Wiggins holds this record of 54 km in one hour while Evelyn Stevens owns the women record with 47 km distance.

2. Most Distance Cycled in a Year

This was a tough contest back in the 1930s and Tommy Godwin’s 1939 record, a mighty 75,065 miles, stood until January 2016 when US rider, Kurt Searvogel, rode 122,432.7 km (76,076 miles). It was a very hard competition but she covered 208 miles per day and made a new world record. 

3. Fastest Journey from Land's End to John O'Groats

This is a very popular record among cyclists in the UK and to your surprise, some might be running for it right now on their Focus bicycles. Gethen Butler holds the record of the fastest journey on a traditional cycle. He made this record in 2011 by covering the distance in 44 hours 4 minutes and 9 seconds. By any women, this record was done in 2 days 4 hours 45 minutes and 11 seconds Lyne Taylor in 2002. However, the fastest person to make this record ever is Andy who covered the distance in 41 hours 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

4. The Fastest Crossing of Europe from North to South

42000 miles from the top of Norway to the bottom of Spain was covered by Lee Fancourt in 21 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 13 seconds in 2015. The previous record of 24 days but he managed to break it.

5. Fastest Round the World Cyclist

This is really one of the toughest cycling records to be broken and made ever. The cyclists have to cover a distance of 40,073 km and it shows how hectic it could be. There are most of the people who would not even cover this much distance on cycle throughout their life. But there was a British guy who did and has made the best record ever.

Alan Bate from Britain covered this distance in 160 days, 10 hours and 33 minutes. This sounds really great. There was another guy who covered the same distance in 91 days but due to some reasons, the world record is stopped on 107 days.

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