What are the Best Ways from Paris CDG Airport to Eiffel Tower?

Private Car rental and taxi service in Paris for airport transfer from CDG to Eiffel Tower

So, you have a layover at Paris Charles De Gaulle - or you merely get there for your French Trip so you want to go to the city. Good plan, but remember that, unless you have significantly more than 6 times in the middle of your two flights, you will not have enough time to log off the aircraft, walk through the boundary control, go to Paris and keep coming back. How blessed you are, you have indeed more than five times: on the way to the Eiffel Tower then! Even if you are not in Paris for a layover, but also for a Parisian trip, you may be interested in our tips how to go to the city!

From Paris CDG Airport, you have five different methods of travel to visit the city.

Pris Taxi or Car Rental Service

The simplest way to go into the town clearly. Just ask the drivers and he will surely help you to get to the Eiffel Tower. Parisian Taxi is incredibly reliable with a good comfortableness. However, they can be trapped in the traffic jam between your International airport and Paris and in Paris.

Expert: you can just escape the airport, go to Gate 8 and here they may be, looking forward to you (ok, you might have to hold back before getting one)

Cons: Taxi Drivers are very unpopular in Paris. They aren't because of their politeness or their customer support well-known.

Approximated time: 45 min to at least one 1 hour
Projected Price: 70-80 euros - a proven way / around 90 dollars

RER and train

That is the cheapest strategy to use into the populous city. At the Charles de Gaulle airport, you take the RER B (Blue Line). You can buy a solution either at a counter-top or at a machine. We highly suggest one to buy a solution for the right path back at the same time... A couple of sometimes a great deal of men and women at the place nearby the Eiffel tower and you do not want to hold back there before taking your coach back. Unfortunately, if a number of day people affect plummets even, it's still not the most dependable way.

From Paris CDG Airport, you take the RER B (Blue Range) to Saint-Michel, and then your RER C (Yellowish Series) to the place "Champ de Mars - Head to Eiffel".

Amount of stops between Paris Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2 and Saint – Michel (RER B): 13 if omnibus, 3 if direct
Amount of stops between Saint – Michel and Champ – de – Mars / Head to Eiffel (RER C) : 4
Price: 9.25EUR (13$) for a one-way solution, 18.50EUR (25.5$) with just how back. If you're here for more than 7 times, you should purchase the mobile solution (22.50EUR/31$) that will allow you for taking the public move around you want throughout the day.

Estimated Time : 50 minutes

Air France Coach

Air France mentors serve many puts a stop to within Paris, included in this the area dueL'Etoile / Arc de Triomphe train station (collection 2 - Renewable Line). Following that, you will be in a position to take the subway, series 6 (renewable brand) to Trocadero. This station is in front of the Eiffel tower just, on the far side of the river. It gets the best take on the tower, with a ten-minute walk to visit the tower after taking your great pictures! Not the perfect answer if you merely plan to start to see the Eiffel Tower, nevertheless, you can contemplate it if you have significantly more time! Still, if the purchase price is your first priority, I will select the train, faster and cheaper.

Estimated Time: 1h15 - but you'll have the ability to go to the Champs Elysees prior to going the Eiffel Tower

Price: 16.10EUR/22.5$ for a one-way solution, 27.50EUR / 38$ with the real way back again for the bus + 1.8EUR / 2.5$ for the subway solution.

Motorbike Taxis

Paris Motorbike Taxis have one big benefits: they avoid traffic that allows you to optimize your layover time. However, they can only take one passenger. Perfect for the carrying on the business traveler who would like to explore Paris throughout a layover!

Price: from 60EUR / 83$ (traditional motorbike) to 80EUR / 110$ (luxury motorbike)
Time: 40 minutes
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