Checking the History through Uber for Visiting Mont St Michel

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 Do you really want to view a bill for your last Uber journey for Mont Saint Michel Tours in order to monitor your spending? Want to ensure that the security of your account has not been comprised?? Or are you highly curious to know how many miles you have traveled since downloading the app? Definitely you will find simple ways to discover all the information, through Uber as well as from outside the app.

Steps the History through Uber for Visiting Mont St Michel:

1. In order to know how many miles you have traveled for Mont Saint Michel Tours, the first and foremost thing you have to do is to discover the Uber app. This is highly important and without it you cannot go far. You have to navigate the Uber app on your phone. In order to discover the Uber app, simply perform any of the following:

• Try searching for an app displaying Uber logo.
• Swipe right on the main screen and then type the word “Uber” into the spotlight search bar which is situated at the top of the screen if you have an iPhone.
• From the home screen, tap on the icon “Apps” and then type “Uber” into the search bar which is  located at the top of the window. This is only for the android users.
 So, these are the three most popular ways that will for sure help you to find the Uber app in a proper  way.

2. If you would like to open the Uber app, simply tap on it. You will be taken to the home screen of Uber, which is a map showing your present area.

• Keep one thing in your mind that you will be taken into the login page if you aren’t logged in. Once you’ve entered into the home screen, you have to log in at first and then proceed with these steps.

3. Tap the button “more”. Once you tap this button, it will open a list of other Uber menus.

4. Now tap on History. It ought to be close to the top of the More Menu. Once you tap on History, it will after that bring up a list of all the rides you’ve taken by making use of Uber.

• Each and every item actually shows the price of the cab, the car or cab in which it has taken, the time the journey started, a photo of the driver and most importantly a map of your journey. For example, if you hire a cheap taxi cab for visiting Mont St Michel then through this app you will be able to know the map as well as miles of traveling.

• When you notice a lightening bolt in a blue circle next to the cost of the trip, this simplifies that your trip involved surge pricing.

• If you would really like to see the history of your Uber app then you have to scroll down the list.

5. You can also report an issue as well as view your breakdown through this great app.

6. Besides, you can also check for more information how to make money driving for Uber the rating you provided your driver, the method of payment you used for your fare and your pickup address.

To sum up, it can be said that the process of checking history through Uber app by following those steps are pretty much simple. Mainly Uber is a user – friendly app that help millions of customers from different parts of the world. People mainly like this app a lot for its easy function. So whenever you are planning to travel in Paris through Uber app, make sure one thing that you have downloaded this app in your phone so it will both save your time and money at the time of exploring the entire Paris. Thanks!
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