6 Interesting Honda Jazz Facts

Honda Jazz price Philippines
Honda Jazz price in the Philippines
Everyone seems to love Honda Jazz these days. Web analytics show an increase in searches involving Honda Jazz facts.

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1. Impeccable Mileage

Honda Jazz comes in both petrol and diesel engine. In automatic version, a good mileage of 19 km per liter is obtained while manual versions give 18.7 km per liters. 

The diesel versions are sturdier, giving a mileage boost of 27.3 km per liter.

2. Engine

A 4 cylinder, 16 valves, SOHC VTEC, 1339 cc is the powerhouse of Honda Jazz. The engine works smooth, even at higher revs and pedal weights give confidence to the driver.

Working full performance, the car does not get as noisy as the cars competing in the same price range.

It is recommended to drive Honda Jazz at open highways and at motorways since the engine does not require hardcore revving. Give the engine a full go and you will soon enjoy the climax of driving Honda Jazz.

3. Family Oriented Car

By family car, we mean a spacious car which is easily affordable to middle and lower-middle-class families.

Honda Jazz is a family car. This means more room inside the car to adjust your family for long drives. Seats are comfortable and the car is provided with added safety measures which include an anti-theft system, ACE body structure, LED lap and multiple airbags.

4. Smooth Drive

Around speed breakers and potholes, Honda Jazz has a good body control. The drive is safe and predictable. 

If most of your driving revolves around traveling to and from work, Honda Jazz is ideal for city driving. 

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5. Stylish Interior

As compared to its previous versions, customers are getting a longer wheelbase. The seats fold in four different ways and a 6.2-inch touchscreen is available for the navigational purpose. Rear parking sensors and automatic air conditioner increase user comfort. 

A 5-inch display for using rear camera and an audio system powered both, by USB and by Bluetooth is available.

The fully automatic loaded versions are accompanied with ABS, climate control, rear view and electrically foldable wing mirrors.

The front fog lamp pierces light in extreme fogging conditions, enhancing visibility and a sleek headlamp is present for illuminating the car’s interior.

6. Multi-Color Variants

Honda Jazz is available in seven color options and the most popular ones are sunset orange, read pearl, silver metallic and titanium metallic.

Price of Honda Jazz

If you are interested in occupying a branded car with low maintenance, Honda Jazz is built for you! A family car with loads of interior space and garnished with added comfort, you and your family would love its smooth body and smoother drive.

People love Honda Jazz because of its extremely affordable nature. Price ranges from 12000 – 16000 dollars, more or less and depending upon your preference, you can have an automatic/manual version available in a multitude of color options.

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