3 Car Buying Apps You Must Use

buy new cars online
Car Buying Apps
From the cab-hailing to doing grocery, you use the app for almost everything; why not for buying a car? You want to buy new cars online, you can do it even more easily by using the car buying apps. Here are a few reasons you should use apps to buy new cars online:
  1. Car-buying apps spare you a lot of time and work. When you shop for a car online, you have to undergo diligent research and extensive listing checking. This process involves going through a lot of websites. With car buying apps, you do not have to do that. They send mobile alerts when a new car enters the market or when the prices drop.
  2. Car apps can scan the vehicle identification number or a window sticker for the sake of getting price estimates.
  3. With car apps, you have the bargaining power literally in your hand while you are talking to a seller or a dealer.
Here are the top car buying apps you must consider while making a purchase:

1. Autotrader

This app can be installed on both Android and Apple. It can help you with buying new, certified pre-owned, and used cars by searching at the dealerships located near you. It further maintains your Autotrader profile and updates it with your selected cars. You will get the free pricing information, reviews, and a vehicle history report regarding each car. This application also connects you with the private sellers or the dealers via email or phone. You can also share your favorite cars with your circle through text.

2. Edmunds

This app is also for both Apple and Android. It gives you an expert advice on car purchasing through a website. It also has a stash of car pricing calculators and tools. It also has a feature called buy a car, which provides you with an extensive list of vehicles matching your specifications and those, which are available near you.

Furthermore, its research section is amazing. It gives everything a person needs to buy new cats online. Its reviews do not leave any potential question unanswered. It also has a highly useful ‘costs of ownership’ section, which divides the expenses for many models into smaller ones such as repair cost and average fuel cost. In the app’s help section, you can heed any Edmunds car-buying expert through text for any query you got on leasing or car purchasing. So, if you want to buy new cars online, this should be your first choice.

3. Instamotor

It can be downloaded on both Apple and Android. It is just like Craigslist, only simpler and user-friendly. It is more like a private market where you can sell or buy used vehicles without any intermediary. It ensures that the users’ details remain secure. It also promises transparency and the buyer’s satisfaction by customizing to the buyer’s needs. It also ensures that the buyer does not get scammed. In order to do that the app employs screening of all the cars and checks for any kind of fraud. It also maintains a vehicle history report on every listed car.
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