4 More Cheapest Cars to Buy New in 2018

cheapest car to buy new
cheapest car to buy new 
There are many cheapest cars to buy that people can afford with a limited budget. We will include all the best and cheapest cars of 2018 in this post that will help the users decide which car they should buy. All the cars listed here are from 2018 but may have different prices in different countries. Also, it depends on where you purchase any of these cars. We hope this post will be helpful for many buyers who are looking forward to getting their hands on a new affordable car.

1. Smart Fortwo Pure Coupe: $15,990

This cheapest car to buy new is one of the cutest cars on the market. If you are looking for a very little but cute car, this is for you. This is an extremely small car and only good for two persons with two seats. The engine is relatively weak with 89 horsepower so if you want to accelerate and enjoy a good speed on the road, this car may not be suitable for you. However, it’s very fuel efficient and comfortable to drive.

2. Ford Fiesta S: $13,660

This car is the cheapest car to buy new of all on the list and is relatively affordable when compared to any four-seater car. It has enough space for four persons and also accommodates some luggage. Ford Fiesta has a 120 horsepower engine making it quite a good car that performs well on the road. Furthermore, the car also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you are looking for a very affordable car that delivers pretty well and performs amazingly on the road, this car is fit for your needs. 

3. Kia Rio: $16,100

If you are looking for a small and cheaper car that offers great performance, this will be the best car you will find in the market. It’s also the best car for people who move to work or have to drive their car on the daily basis and live in congested areas. The small size and perfect performance of the car make it a great choice in the cheapest cars to buy now. 

3. Nissan Sentra: $16,990

This four-seater with enough space for luggage and belongings is one of the cheapest cars to buy in 2018. The car is a bit low but it has some good features and comes with a 128 horsepower engine making it quite fit for a family. It’s very easy to drive and responds well on the road. The grip of tires over the road is amazing making it comfortable for the driver. The seats are big and spacious and taller people can easily fit in the rear seats. A 5-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, a four-speaker audio system, and a rear-view camera make Nissan Sentra an awesome car. 

4. Honda Fit: $16,190

This is one of the cheapest cars that anyone can buy in the market. It is from a subcompact car category and is one of the best new car to buy of this category. It has a number of awesome features that make it a very popular car from 2018. It also has a person seating capacity and luggage can also be adjusted.
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